Hi. I’m Roisin. I’m a twenty-something year old, living in Stoke Newington, North London and working full-time in Aldgate. Alongside working for a living, over the last few years I have gradually become more and more fascinated by good food. I do also love to cook and bake but my real interest lies in eating the finished product, whether it’s me or somebody else who has made it! My interest in ‘street food’ started in the fields of Somerset, at Glastonbury Festival, where you will find some of the most exciting and tasty street food of anywhere but it’s exciting to see how much the idea of ‘street food’ has grown and there are food markets popping up all over the place around London.

I intend to blog about any of the tasty treats I find (or anything not so tasty but let’s hope there’s little of that) mainly out and about in London but also anywhere else I happen to be- I’m sure there will be a few festival feasts along the way as the Summer approaches.  I don’t have a particularly strict remit, I really just want to write about and give recognition to the places that deserve it so I’m happy to give pizza joints, takeaways, bakeries or any other cheap and/or quick eats a go, so please do get in touch if you know of anywhere you think I should try. (roisineats@gmail.com)


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