Bare Grillz (Netil Sunday Market II)


Although I didn’t make it down to Street Feast at Dalston on Friday (thanks Thursday night cocktails into Friday hangover,) the great thing about living in Hackney is that great street food is rarely far away. As a lazy Hackney resident and with such a wealth of choice, I have to admit it’s pretty hard to tear myself away from the borough sometimes but please, drop me some reccomendations of other markets around London I need to visit, as I will break free eventually!

In the meantime however, Hackney is serving me very well and the weekend called for another visit to the new Sunday Netil Market. ( One of the things I love about Street Food market is that the traders chop and change where they sell, so there was a new selection of stalls on offer and loads of tasty things to try.  Unfortunately, given the abysmal weather, the traders weren’t seeing much passing trade so please do get down there and show your support- there’s a great  covered seating area at Netil Market so even when the British ‘Summertime’ is doing it’s worst, there’s no excuse not to get out and enjoy a  delicious unconventional Sunday lunch.

One trader who hadn’t let the weather dampen his spirits was the man behind Bare Grillz, who drew us in both with his friendly chat and an amazing taster. To be honest, it really didn’t take much convincing as the food spoke for itself.  I tried the Lamb Kebab, served with homemade coleslaw, homemade hot sauce and green chilis. The standout part of this dish was undoubtedly the meat, which comes from Godfrey’s, one of London’s best butchers. ( However, it wasn’t just the quality of the meat that stood out, as it was marinaded and grilled to perfection, emerging medium rare and succulent. The hot sauce and slaw completed the kebab perfectly. Don’t be fooled by a greasy doner, a high-quality kebab that’s cooked well can be a real culinary treat and this is a perfect example of that so if you ever get the chance, I’d definitely recommend trying a Bear Grillz kebab.

One of the other charms of Netil Market is that they not only offer food to eat there and then but there are great bits to take home too. I couldn’t resist giving the Scotch Eggs from The Egg Boss a go and they were an excellent accompaniment to a rainy afternoon spent watching the tennis. Chef Lawson makes 6 varieties of Scotch Egg, some more traditional than others- we sampled a Pork and Leek variety and a ‘Holy F*ck,’ which is pork spiced with the infamous Ribman’s ‘Holy F*ck’ sauce. I genuinely couldn’t decide which I preferred- the spicy version obviously brought a new flavour into play but the more traditional Scotch Egg was so well executed it’s hard to argue with it. Either way, if you like your Eggs Scotch, you need to hunt down The Egg Boss. (


You can find both @bare_grillz and @egg_boss on Twitter to find out their next stops.

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