Street Feast London- Believe The Hype

After an achingly long break from street food (family and work…who’d have them…!) I was definitely excited to get back in the game last weekend and what a way to return. I managed to make it down to Street Feast London, on their final weekend at Camden Brewery, tucked away in the railway arches in Kentish Town. (  As soon as I got off the bus, all we had to do was follow our noses to the market, as there were delicious smells drifting across Camden.

Street Feast have built up quite a strong following over the last couple of months and it wasn’t surprising to find the market full of people. They may have had a few less off the ‘blogger’s favourite’ Eat St traders than some other weeks but this gave a fantastic opportunity for some new faces to get out there and feed the hungry hoardes. And hoardes there were- when we arrived at about half 9, some of the traders had sold out and the atmosphere was buzzing, it really did have a great Friday night feel to it, with everyone checking out all the stalls and having an enthusiastic chat to the traders before making their choices.  In a location like Camden Brewery, it’s not going to be a passing crowd- the people at this market knew exactly what they were after; quality food (and, of course, some quality beer to match.)

After considerable deliberation,  I made the right decision as I got myself over to Bhangra Burger, for one of their  ‘Crazy Lamb Jalfrezi’ flatbreads. ( I’m not going to put on any airs and graces; it was incredibly difficult to take a flattering photo of my meal but don’t be fooled, the taste more than made up for the fact it wasn’t as photogenic as I’d like! Bhangra Burger pride themselves on a new take to traditional Indian food and they certainly lived up to my expectations.

The burger element of this was a lamb patty, delicately spiced with Indian jalfrezi flavours. Not so delicate was the fresh chilli pickle that gets added to the wrap- it had a kick that would knock you sideways if you went overboard. Luckily, they know what they’re doing and the final product was perfectly balanced by the mango chutney and yoghurt thats added to complete the Bhangra Burger.  The only criticism I have was that we found there to be slightly too much yoghurt, it came oozing out the sides and made the meal incredibly difficult to eat. To be honest, we were their last customers of the night and I think they were being generous more than anything, so I can’t exactly grumble! Don’t get me wrong though, beyond that, the flavour was delicious and I had a wonderful aftertaste for a long time after finishing- a sign of a great meal, in my opinion!

Of course, I couldn’t keep it to just one trader at such a great market but luckily, I had help on hand, which gave me a chance to sample a The Big Dog, from NY-style hot dog vendor Big Apple.  ( Personally, I like hot dogs but I can’t say they are something I feel particularly passionate about. That said, this one was certainly above the average, with a really juicy sausage (94-98% meat, I hasten to add) and a superbly soft roll, which I have later learned comes from their local bakers. It’s amazing the difference it makes to a hot dog when the roll lives up to the quality of the sausage. If only all hotdogs could be up to the standard of Big Apple, maybe I’d feel a little bit more interested by them.


Street Feast have now finished their run in the Camden Brewery and this week are moving on to the new pastures of fashionable Dalston, where I’m sure they are going to go down a storm, particularly as they are accompanied by beer and cocktails and a slightly later finish. (The market will run 5pm til midnight, every Friday.) Given that I live just down the road, I can’t say I object to the new location and I hope to get down this Friday and fill you in on the new setup- and a few more of the traders, of course! I can only see Street Feast going from strength to strength as more people hear about it and get a chance to see what it’s all about- a good atmosphere, a way to unwind with friends and, most of all, great, affordable street food.

You can find out what’s going on at Street Feast on their Twitter page: @streetfeastldn

You can also follow @bhangraburger and @bigapplehotdogs to find out where you can taste their wares.


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